About Lee Pashley

If you're looking for a professional show which guarantees to lift the audience, your search ends here.

He's the One - THE Robbie Williams Tribute Show

Intensive Care

Having become a professional vocalist by personal training at The De Costa Academy of Arts in his home town in Yorkshire -  Lee was well grounded and educated in the Techniuqe of singing Pop,Rock,Opera and Musical Theatre allowing Lee to show his skill's in performance and recording.

Having his own act by the time he left school, Lee had a succsessful touring cabaret show for 10 years.

Then in 1998 ,Lee was asked to perform a Robbie Tribute show at a Bar Mitzvah , receiving multiple bookings from that very show kickstarted 'HE'S THE ONE'- Lee Pashley is Robbie Williams reincarnated- in grace and soul. His incredible tribute stems from a mix of Robbie William’s signatory arrogance and his own sense of humor. Lee gives a captivating stage performance which moves the audience to the depths of their being and still causing them to ask for more.

Touring the UK and THE WORLD..... Lee is always singing to an excited crowd amazed by the dexterity of his voice so much so that he’s been asked if he only lip sings to the original thing. What an undeniable commendation!