10th anniversary of Robbie's legendary shows at Knebworth Park - send your pics of He'e The One.....

Can you believe it.... 10 years since Robbie's legendary shows at Knebworth Park back in 2003 and the RW team are working on something very special to celebrate the occasion..!

Robbie took to the stage at Knebworth on 1st, 2nd & 3rd August 2003, drawing crowds of 375,000 over the three days and attracting a further 3.5 million viewers at home, not to mention setting a new record for the biggest concert in UK history. Despite taking place nearly a decade ago, we've no doubt that if you were lucky enough to be at one of the shows (or maybe you went to all three!) you remember it as if it were yesterday!

Were you there in August 2003? What do you remember most? Which moment defined the event for you? What time did you join the Queue?

As this is my 17th year of the show He's The One....

This has giving me a good idea, if you have any pics of my show from over the years send them to info@leepashley.com with a few nice, great, fantastic words of love for the show and i'll get them on the main site!

We're looking forward to sharing in your nostalgia!


LP x