The time has come , all good things come to an end! the European leg of Robbie's Swings Both Ways Live tour ended in after 38 nights in 20 different cities in spectacular style at London's O2 last night.

Robbie tweeted....
Thank you so much to everyone who came to Swing Both Ways with me, I have loved it and I hope you have too. Much love, Roberto x

Roll on Australia!


Listen to Robbie sing live
'Shine My Shoes'
'Puttin' On The Ritz'
'Go Gentle'
'Swings Both Ways'
'I Wanna Be Like You'
'Love Supreme'
And many more.......

Every stop on the tour was recorded so you can get your own personalised recording of the show that you went to see!!!! This is only available until Monday, 4th August, ( personally I think MP3's are the way forward 'for me anyway ' as cd's just collect dust and take up room.

On the road ....
The crowds in Essex and Buckley were on top form 'yet again making my job the best ' and definitely worth the 5 and a half hours of traveling between venues worth it.

Did an interview whilst in Buckley with Radio Deeside for the loose ladies show, 'Jan and Lynne ' absolutely lovely gals! also did a few voice jingles for them in the style of 'Rock DJ' - She's The One ' ' Let Me Entertain You ' and even some Operatic !!!!

Was going to travel through the night down to Gatwick , but an hour into the journey the eyes were getting heavy so pulled into a services and I was very happy to find a hotel next to it , luckily they had a spare room, as I was checking in ,behind me was 'Tom Jones' and 'Lady Ga Ga '
Of all the places and times would you believe it !

My 3rd visit to Rhodes and yet again the audiences were great , although at the time very reserved , the following day came with compliments that made sure that the job WAS done , hell yer ....
3 meals a day is provided when in Rhodes so this time I hit the pool for some heavy cardivascical swimming....