Robbie Williams Tribute really is the ONE.....G CASINO Blackpool.

Having seen Robert Peter Williams numerous times home and abroad I knew I would never see the real thing ever again.Why ????because Knebworth in 2003 and the Take That Reunion in 2011 would take some beating.

I did however get the opportunity to watch a Robbie Williams Tribute show which was performed to perfection by the multi talented Lee Pashley.

As a performer my first thought on arrival was "oh no" as the front row was full of young men .Every male performers nightmare not least when there about to become the Robster.I needn't have worried .As soon as the inviting overture kicked in the audience were ready.A seven minute Let Me Entertain You (with a track created by live musicians)had the venue bouncing .This coupled with Mr Pashleys accurate portrayal of Stokes Son just made everyone instantly at ease.Lee mastered Robbies mannerisms and quirkiness like a method actor....Oh and by the first chorus of the opening number the boys on the front were wooping and cheering as if theyd come especially to see him.Maybe they had!!!!

The next part of the show was bang up to date and focused primarily on latest album Swings both ways.Classic tracks such as Dream a little dream of me ,I wanna be like you ,Putting on the ritz and a tear to the eye Go Gentle which was co written by Robbies newly reacquainted partner in crime Guy Chambers.The song is all about protecting your daughter and Lee sang it from his guts.

Finishing the first spot the 2002 number 1 single Feel set the tone for what was to follow.

Act one ended with an impressive standing ovation.

By the beginning of the second set gamblers came away from there respected tables and wanted a piece of the fun.Come undone the song that caused Robbie and Guy Chambers fall out was to kick us off.This Robbie Williams Tribute is exactly that a tribute !!!!!!A muscular handsome but humble man makes it clear he does not profess to be a lookalike.....To me and the audience he looked identical. Woman with there husbands were visibly drooling as he invited them to pinch his backside or massage his chest.Just for the record the for mentioned husbands just laughed and wanted to shake his hand....The thing that really separates this act with the many others is Lee Pashley is a trained tenor and is vocally impeccable.So not much throws him off guard. An absolute professional.

The next section featured numerous volunteers and a high energy Rock Dj / Relax had the room literally dancing on the ceiling.

As a Robbie fan I loved the fact this show didnt just go down the obvious meat and potato route.Ok there was no Millennium or Shes the One on This occasion but there was a mind blowing "Me and My Monkey and a camp Hot Fudge.

Lee also spontaneously took a request of 1997 single Lazy Days in his stride which was a good call for the die hards and topped that with my favourite Strong.

The show ended with the obvious anthem Angels but a lovely surprise was Never Forget a nice touch for people who were perhaps missing Gary, Mark ,Howard and Jason.

So the poster says "Hes The One" Well me and 300 others would definitely agree.

Take the Crown Lee Pashley you thoroughly deserve it.

Review by D Wainwright.

Wainwrights Way Flyde Coast Radio- Blackpool


 Alan Smith Hi Lee, brilliant night last night. Thanks for coming along and entertaining us. Everyone, and I mean everyone had a fab time. The Brackley Fringe was rocking last night!!)
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Robbie Williams Tribute goes with a SWING

Dear Lee,
I just wanted to thank you for making a family party truly "go with a swing". I have to say that you were extremely professional and gave a 110% performance and absolutely got the party bubblying away. I understand that it was quite difficult to perform after the guests had only just eaten but you carried it all off with total ease. The response you got from everyone was fantastic and the hosts were delighted with your performance. Personally, I would have no hesitation recommending you for any event. You're talent for reading the audience and getting everyone on their feet was quite a marvel to see. You certainly DID ENTERTAIN US!!!!
With kind regards,
Jane Jane Purvis ( PS if you are ever this way and need any help just give us a call! - thanks again you were great! )

Robbie Williams Tribute for Mr and Mrs Wainwright Wedding Reception

May I take this opportunity to thanks everyone for their company and kind gifts on the most special day of my life 17/07/05 when Tina and I got married at Mawdsleys Hotel. Special thanks also to LeePashley for his amazing Robbie tribute and showed why he is the UK's number 1 Robbie impersonator. Thanks also to all the pipes who made it to my stag do to give me a night to remember!!

The MAYOR Thanks Lee Pashley who Helps Raise over £6000 for The Wigan & Leigh Hospice

Dear Lee,
Barbara and I would like to thank all who took part in the Stars in Your Eyes event on Wednesday, 5 October 2005 at the Monaco Ballroom.
Everybody who took part added to the enjoyment and our thanks are due to them.
The event raised £6,000 for Charity and I would personally like to thank each and every one of you for your support.
All the hard work was much appreciated by all those who attended.
With kind regards,

Robbie Williams Tribute on a Saturday Night

Hi Lee...
Just a quickie to say 'Thanks for a amazing evening' on Saturday at David Lloyds,Kings Hill...
All the girlies...infact the whole place really enjoyed the eve...Wat a nite,haven't laughed,cried enjoyed myself in such a long time (sad old bird i am)
Guess who ???? Gail the 1st girlie you got up then ribbed all nite...Luved it by the way
After Sat nite think ya gonna have to make me ya PA coz i've told the whole world about you...Need ya Gig list babe.
Gail x x x

Best Halloween Night Ever


Thanks for making our HALLOWEEN night the best ever!
You had the crowd in the palm of your hand right from the start!
Let us know when your around here again, what a voice! what a show WHAT A BODY!!!!!
Love Ann

A Twist of Fate

Hi again,
I just phoned Jo to get some feedback for you.
She thought you were fantastic and said it must have been a twist of fate!
She said you got Robbie "off to a tee" and that you were the highlight of the evening. Gonna tell everyone that you are THE NO 1 TRIBUTE TO ROBBIE WILLIAMS!
Thanks again for stepping in at such short notice.
Kind regards
Sarah Barker

Ken Bond booker for The Beaufort Hotel Ormskirk

After booking other Robbie Tribute's in the past, Lee is definatly
the best one and THE ONLY ONE I EVER BOOK as i know my seats are always filled becuase people are always returning to see LEE PASHLEY perform!!!!
The way he handels the crowd,the way he's got the Robbie Moves to perfection! and the way he can make his show fit for the audiance on the night, he ALWAYS gets them!!!!!!
I have been booking Lee for the last 6 years and WILL continue to do so for a long time to come!!


I have been booking Lee in over 200 venues for the past 7 years and he always gets RE-BOOKED time and time again, this alone is testament that when you book LEE as THE NO 1 TRIBUTE TO
ROBBIE WILLIAMS you book with confidence!!!!

Jackie at Lynroys

Lee with Jackie

Hello Lee,
Seen you at Lynroys many times. You always make our night, your the best!!!
Remember you signed this photo for me, well here it is if you want to use on your website!!
Looking forward to seeing you again at Lynroys!

Thank you for a wonderful night!

Dear Lee
Many thanks for a spectacular performance on Friday 3rd February 2006. You had our guests under your spell from the moment you walked in. A truly excellent performance, thanks a million!!
Best regards
The management and staff of The Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool

Hi from Hawkers

What a fantastic show you did once again for us at Hawkers in farnworth.I have put your link on our web page and also coming very soon are some of the pictures of you from the night.We would be very greatful if you could add a link on your web page for our club and we cant wait to see you very soon in the very near future Reguards Tina Committee member of Hawkers
Chairman : Malcolm Cubbins

You were wonderful - you made our night

Mrs Sharp now! It's very weird being a wife! Just waiting to board flight home from honeymoon - a bit blue!

Mr&Mrs Sharp

You were wonderful - you made our night. Thanks again for doing a full show - it was very generous and really made my evening.
So many people raving about your performance by the way - thanks everso
Tanya xx

Barmitzvahs to Weddings


Hi Lee
We are just back from Honeymoon and wanted to write to you as soon as we could to say a VERY big thank you for your fabulous performance at our wedding a few weeks ago. You were truly brilliant, we loved you and our guests loved you even more, since we've been back they've not stopped raving about you! You really got the night off to a fantastic start, Robbie couldn't have done better himself.
Well done and we wish you every success with your act.
Very best wishes
Adele and Ronan



Thank you!

Lee - I wanted you to know and anyone else reading this website what a great entertainer you are:
What can I say - YOU WERE FANTASTIC - we had a full day and nights entertainment for my son Lee's Barmitzvah Party - the whole day was so special but you really did steal the show!!! Everyone is still saying how entertaining and talented you were. We had a varied guest list, ranging from young kids to very mature adults and lots inbetween - you catered for everyone as you can read the audience so well, making them feel special and
a real part of the show. Your ability to hold the audiences attention with your songs, banter and jokes is amazing and of course you have a wonderful mesmerising voice! I don't think we would have had a better time if it were Robbie himself! We laughed, we cried, we listened and we sang with you. They all loved you and some wanted to take you home!! Even the staff at Spurs said it was the best party they have had there and that you were an absolute

As a Robbie Tribute or in your own right you are a truly talented
entertaining and charming young man, no one should hesitate in booking you for their event or party - you are definitely 'The One' to 'Entertain Them'

Lee (my son) had the day of his life and you were part of that making it so rememberable - the DVD proves it - we have not edited any of it, we have your whole show on film as there wasn't anything to edit out - that's saying something!!! You gave 110% SO THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN.

Lots of love,



A fantastic night!

A wonderful tribute to Robbie. You sound so like him, Shes the One and Angels, tears when Robbie sings and tears when you sang the lyrics, must say again a wonderful tribute to Robbie. Well done Lee keep the good work going shall come and see you again.

Allison Bird and her ever suffering husband Steve.